About Us

About Us

AL MAJD Law Firm

Almajd Law Firm is a local law firm with an international view. In Almajd we aim to resolve our client’s issues,
provide consultation and other services our clients would need in their paths to success..

Our Story

In the years of our expertise, we have worked on numerous cases and services in but not limited to the following areas Construction issues, Company disputes, Criminal cases, etc. In Almajd we have a multinational team that is capable on working on numerous matters i.e., Litigation, Arbitration, Legal Drafting, contracts etc. in local and international matters. In Almajd we are eager to always be updated in the most recent technologies and systems that help improve law firms in Qatar. We are capable as a result of the firm’s expertise and use of technologies to serve our clients in the best possible way.
We also have the ability to contribute to the advancement of the legal profession in the State of Qatar, in line with the best international standards to achieve Qatar's vision 2030 under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to succeed in every way possible locally and internationally, not only within the firm, but also to provide the best service for its clients to ensure successful long-term relationships with them, and to make sure that they are also capable provided with our services to become prosperous.”

Our Service

Almajd Law Firm is capable of practicing law in various areas such as Civil law, Criminal Law, Corporate, Finance laws and regulations. As a firm we strongly believe that Civil law is considered a very important sector of law, as it paved the way for other private laws and regulations to be implemented.

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Mohammed bin Lahdan Al Muhannadi


Throughout the world, majestic structures stand as legacies to history’s greatest empires and civilizations, the temples of Ancient Greece, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. All of the world’s greatest structures rest on a solid foundation. And the integrity of every foundation depends on its four cornerstones. Law firms, like build- ings, must have a solid foundation.


“The Path to Glory”


As a firm we have set many goals to ensure that we pave a way to become one of the most successful Firms in the region covering various areas as a competent and experienced team.


In order to reach the high goals that we have set as a firm we aim to create Durable Relationships with our clients as it will be our way to success and would lead to long term relationships and attainment of goals for both parties. Quality services is a characteristic that would define the quality of the firm as a result we will constantly work on bettering ourselves for our potential and current clients where they should always receive Best Possible Solutions, and that the Client’s interests will be put above other interests.


We as a firm management will constantly encourage our employees to work ethically to
maintain a healthy and proper environment that supports prosperity our clients.



“We work on making sure that we are accessible for our clients whenever they need us”



“Our Loyalty for our clients is limitless we will work hard to ensure that they are provided with the best service and when needed our full attention and time will be devoted”



“As a firm we constantly make sure that we Master different aspects of the Law to provide the best legal service possible”



“Our main goal is to constantly provide accurate and proper information for our clients”



“We assure our clients that we will judge their case objectively and make sure after a thorough judgment of the requested services, to provide the best possible outcome”



“Our devotion and loyalty to our firm, and client’s success would only be possible when we as a firm are 100% dependable and capable”

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